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no one else will have me

only you

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Giselle. You can call me Elle.

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I'm 21, and go to the University of Pennsylvania in... Pennsylvania.
My family lives in Connecticut, so I spend time there, too.
I love music, television, volleyball, dancing, and my friends, family, and my boyfriend.

Gilmore Girls. One Tree Hill. The OC. Grey's Anatomy.
That 70's Show. Everwood. Prison Break.Charmed. Veronica Mars. Scrubs. Harry Potter.
Friends. Dawson's Creek. Highschool Musical. Desperate Housewives. Friday Night Lights.

Nathan/Haley. Brooke/Chris. Peyton/Jake. Rory/Logan.
Bright/Hannah. Meredith/Derek. Alex/Izzie. Susan/Mike.
Ryan/Summer. Michael/Sarah. Ryan/Marissa. Jackie/Hyde. Tyler/Sophia.
Ryan/Rachel. Monica/Chandler. Logan/Veronica. Ron/Hermione. Zac/Ashley.
James/Lily. Tim/Lyla

Joy Lenz. Sophia Bush. Tyler Hilton. Reese Witherspoon.
Rachel McAdams. Bryan Greenberg. Matt Czuchry. Milo Ventimiglia.
Ryan Gosling. James Lafferty. Ashley Tisdale. Angelina Jolie.
Jessica Alba. Keira Knightly. Ellen Pomeo. Katherine Heigl.
Matt Dillon. Kate Hudson. Wentworth Miller.

workand_play= a Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams community that I moderate/maintain with dearlydevoted.
onlyyou_baby= a Joy Lenz/Sophia Bush community that I moderate/maintain with burymyregret.

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adam brody, alex and izzie, alex/izzie, alexis bledel, animals, bands, beaches, bethany joy lenz, bethany joy lenz music, books, bright/hannah, brooke davis, brooke/haley, brooke/haley/peyton, bryan greenberg, channing tatum, clubbing, coffee, computers, cooking, dancing, dawson and joey, dawson's creek, desperate housewives, dvds, everwood, fan forum, fanfiction, fic, fics, friday night lights, friends, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, haley james, haley james scott, haley james-scott, haley scott, haley/peyton, harry potter, highschool musical, hilarie burton, hilarie/joie, icons, izzie stevens, james lafferty, james/joie, james/lily, jenna dewan, jls, joaquin phoenix, joie lenz, joie/sophia, joy lenz, kate hudson, katherine heigl, keira knightly, kristin and stephen, kristin/talan, laguna beach, lauren/stephen, lee noris, lily/james, lo and lc, logan/veronica veronica mars, love, lucas and peyton, makeup, marissa/ryan, matt czuchry, matt dillon, mcsteamy, meredith/derek, michael/sarah, mischa barton, monica and chandler, more, movies, music, nathan and haley, nathan scott, nathan/haley, nicole richie, oc, one tree hill, paris hilton, posh/becks, prison break, rachel bilson, rachel mcadams, reese witherspoon, ron and hermione, rory/jess, ross and rachel, ryan and marissa, ryan and rachel, ryan gosling, ryan/rachel, ryan/summer, sara/michael, sarah/michael, seth/summer, shopping, sophia bush, sophia/joy, stacy/clinton, step up, susan/mike, that 70s show, the beckhams, the hills, the jls, the notebook, the oc, tim.lyla, trey, tv, tv shows, tyler hilton, veronica and logan, veronica mars, walk the line, what not to wear