Elle (miss_elle23) wrote,

welcome to my journal.

Comment to be added.

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Keep me, Elle?
Definately! I love my flist right now, and I'm so happy that you're on it!

Deleted comment

Of course not! Adding you back!
hey, it's writteninstarsx :)
I changed my journal when you were on hiatus. So if you wanna, add me back please :D
Ooh, I definately will! Thanks for letting me know!
Hey Elle, it's Nicole tutorgirl23 And I got this new LJ! Add me again?
Sure! Added you. =]
Elle! It's Sylvia, (inthebitterness). I changed my LJ again. Add me?
Of course! I've added you.
Hello miss Elle ;)

Long time no see, how have you been doing? I created a new journal while you were on hiatus, so you didn't see my post. Hee. I hope you don't mind me adding you from this new LJ of mine.

*hugs* Medine.
Adding you back, lovester.
Hi ELLE! :)that's me - Karni :)add me :) ??
Yeah, of course. :)
Hey, I'm Tracy. We have so much in common. Add me?
Added :)
add me please :)